Lord of the Rings Map of Middle Earth Giclee Reproduction

Fantasy Maps

To date, I’ve created over a dozen different maps of various fantasy worlds, be they from movies, novels, or video games.  Some are private commissions for fans, some are for gaming companies, and some simply for my own collection. Below are some of the more popular ones. I’m frequently working on more maps, and you can watch the creation process by joining me when I go live on twitch.tv.

Middle Earth

This is a map of Middle Earth, from J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Lord Of The Rings”.

The map is made entirely by hand, first burned and then painted with natural pigments using only bone and wood applicators, using fluid from deer eyes as a base for the paint. The “canvas” is a full hide of traditional brain-tanned buckskin.

Instead of cluttering the map with place names, I paint in the locations based on the author’s descriptions and other artists’ renditions. Its a painstaking process!

The Witcher 3: Northern Realms Map

This was a personal project that is for now, the most detailed and difficult piece I’ve made. It took nearly 300 hours of work and contains details so small I had to create specialized bone tools for.

The map compass alone is made of 5 different pieces of buckskin, as well as a striped maple ring.

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The Princess Bride

This is a map of The Princess Bride film by Rob Reiner.

The original map design was made after the novel, which is quite different from the film, so I had to made changes and additions to it in order to fit it more to the movie. For example, the Pit of Despair was put in, instead of the “Zoo of Death”.

The “Dread Pirate Roberts” flag covers the seal of Prince Humperdinck. It, and the title scroll, are made of separate pieces of buckskin.

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The Sword Coast

Another fun personal project. 
I grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons, and still do. I spent many hours exploring the sword coast in games like Baldur’s Gate, and wanted to recreate this childhood memory.

A lot of research had to go into this one, to determine which locations to include and which to leave out, as well as what the various city sigils would look like. 
I had a ton of fun making this one!

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I arrived in Skyrim years too late, but once I did I knew immediately I had to make the map. I spent hundreds of hours exploring the mountains and valleys of this beautiful land, and this map is still one of my favorites I’ve ever made.

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