Dragonlance – Ansalon World Map Reproduction


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My absolute favorite fantasy novels have always been The Dragonlance Chronicles. I finally felt ready to create a map of Ansalon, the main continent of Krynn where the story takes place, and I’m very proud to present it here!

I always love to have in-world stories behind my maps, and with this one I had the honor of consulting the one and only Margaret Weis about it.

The map, in-world, was commissioned by Fizban as a gift for Tasslehoff Burrfoot. It was intentionally left devoid of names, so that Tass could fill it in on his own.

Both the elaborate title and compass are made of buckskin, just like the rest of the map. And speaking of the compass, those silver dots around it are a little “Easter egg”. Can you figure it out?

This 16″x22″ giclée reproduction of my original deer leather map will comfortably fit in any 18″x24″ frame, while still allowing the attractive deckled edge to show.
Frame in the photo is not included.

My giclée prints are available on two types of paper:

Heavyweight Enhanced Matte Paper which will appear textured, but is smooth to the touch. The deckled edges are ripped by hand and make the print feel more aged and unique.

Want something a little more special? You can also get the map printed on Heavier, Fine Art, Watercolor Paper which has a texture and feel similar to the buckskin original for an increased price. This version includes the hand-deckled edges as well as a personal embellishment of natural pigments painted on with a primitive bone paintbrush.

Giclée Reproductions

As the owner and artist of CaveGeekArt, I take great pride in creating original buckskin maps and other pieces of art. When it comes to producing print copies of my work, I have chosen to use Giclée Reproductions.

I believe that Giclée Reproductions provide the best possible representation of my original artwork. They offer a level of detail and color accuracy that simply cannot be achieved with traditional printing methods. Additionally, Giclée Reproductions are printed using archival-quality inks and papers, ensuring that the print will maintain its vibrancy and quality for years to come.

I want my customers to be able to enjoy my art in the best possible way, and that is why I choose to use Giclée Reproductions for my print copies. Whether you are looking for a print of one of my buckskin maps or any other piece of my original artwork, you can trust that a Giclée Reproduction will capture the beauty and detail of the original piece.

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Print Size

16 x 22

Material & Finish

Enhanced Matte Paper, Fine Art Watercolor Paper




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