Treasure Island Map Digital Asset Pack



Treasure Island – Steaming jungles, steep mountains, ancient temples, wild native villages, and so much more! Who knows what treasure awaits you on this tropical island “paradise”? Your DM does, hopefully. It’ll be a long, dangerous journey to get there, but you’ll be doing it in style with a map that looks and feels like it’s straight out of a treasure hunter’s attic.

Use any common image editing software to create your own drag-and-drop fantasy maps!

This map pack includes over 100 individual assets as well as 12 Island backgrounds to use (4 islands, 3 versions of each: Plain, with added Ocean, and with added Ocean, Rivers, and Greenery), as well as “Deadman’s Head” sample map.

Need a custom island background? I’m happy to help. Add the “Custom Island Background” (5.99) from the shop to your cart and follow the following steps (see last image for reference):

  1. Take a regular sized sheet of white paper.
  2. Using a black marker, draw a continuous, unbroken (this is important! No gaps!), outline of your island/landmass. Indicate “Up” or “North” somewhere on the sheet. Note on the sheet if you’d like a painted ocean.
  3. OPTIONAL: Using a different color (Blue maybe?) draw up to 3 major rivers/lakes.
  4. OPTIONAL: Using a different color (Green?) roughly outline areas you’d like to be stained green on the map.
  5. Scan or take a well lit photo of your drawing. Email it to Please reference your purchase and allow up to 7 days for turnaround time. (Usually much faster, but I do travel a lot for work)

Personal Use License

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File Specs

  • Archive: Zip.
  • Backgrounds: Jpegs.
  • Assets: Transparent background PNG’s.


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