Cosmology of Role-Playing – Limited Edition


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Created by Alyssa Faden – Sold in partnership with Frog God Games and Cave Geek Art

This high-quality art print is now available! Only 150 of these first print runs were printed for Gary Con 2024. Each print is numbered and signed by Alyssa Faden.

Prints are 24″x 36″ in size. ***Free Shipping over $150 does NOT apply to this product***

In 2013 Alyssa partnered with James Carpio to create a map for his “Cosmology of Role-playing” article, which was released in Gygax Magazine #1. The article presented the universe of role-playing games emanating out from the “Big Bang” of TSR and Dungeons and Dragons: the publishers and the games they had released broken out by year.

This was an exceptional article, and the accompanying map was eye-catching, but it covered less than 100 games.

For the anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons and our great hobby, Alyssa thought it was time to bring this map up to date: with every game that has ever been released since the dawn of our Role-playing “Big Bang”.

The “rules” for this map were simple: it has to be a roleplaying system (not a campaign settings or scenario) , and if there were multiple versions, only the first – under its original name – was to be captured (with some noticeable exceptions).

The result is over 1,300 game systems created since the heart of our Role-playing universe!

A small disclaimer from Alyssa: She endeavored to capture every title, but this is an ever-growing universe and something may have been missed … or recently released. Let her know if you feel something was missed, or any new titles you feel need to belong here: she has vowed to iterate on this great piece for future versions!

About the Cartographer:Alyssa Faden has been a professional cartographer and convention panelist since 2012. She is best known for her incredible cityscapes and stunning details, often inviting viewers of her creations to see stories-within-stories for years after.

Her clientele includes Monte Cook Games, Kobold Press, Profantasy Software, Gygax Magazine, Golden Goblin Press, Troll Lord Games, Frog God Games, and many others. She even draws the Gary Con convention map each year!

Her style is unique and self-taught, with influences from the lovely ink work from such greats as Jeff Laubenstein and Jeff Easley. She is a long time table-top RPG gamer with a passion for game mastering Call of Cthulhu.

Giclée Reproductions

As the owner and artist of CaveGeekArt, I take great pride in creating original buckskin maps and other pieces of art. When it comes to producing print copies of my work, I have chosen to use Giclée Reproductions.

I believe that Giclée Reproductions provide the best possible representation of my original artwork. They offer a level of detail and color accuracy that simply cannot be achieved with traditional printing methods. Additionally, Giclée Reproductions are printed using archival-quality inks and papers, ensuring that the print will maintain its vibrancy and quality for years to come.

I want my customers to be able to enjoy my art in the best possible way, and that is why I choose to use Giclée Reproductions for my print copies. Whether you are looking for a print of one of my buckskin maps or any other piece of my original artwork, you can trust that a Giclée Reproduction will capture the beauty and detail of the original piece.


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